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We produce the highest quality CBD & CBG based extracts.

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Refining CBD, CBDv, and CBG

Your top choice for extraction, distillation, and isolation of cannabinoids


Biomass tolling to winterized, decarb crude oil.


Efficiently processing crude oil into distillate.


Expertly refining distillate into a premium, white isolate powder.

Committed to the highest Quality

Nucl3o is committed to quality and excellence in all we do. Our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are consistently reviewed for best practices and followed meticulously to ensure product quality and consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum quantity. We can process orders from 1 kg to 10,000+ kg on any of our products. Please note there may be a lead time for large orders. We can discuss production timelines one on one.
Production times vary by type of material, quantity of material, time of year, and other factors. We can discuss timelines based on your needs and our space availability! We always recommend planning as far in advance as possible.
That is completely up to you! We can assist you with potential sale(s) of your product to our clients or it can be shipped to your destination of choice. We do not guarantee sale of client product(s) or guarantee sale of product(s) at any given price.

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