The legalization of hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill opened the doors for a new industry in the United States. Since then, hemp-based products, including CBD have steadily risen in popularity across the country. Products containing CBD can be found almost anywhere – grocery aisles, supplement shops, and vape stores to name a few. 

How is CBD transformed from a plant to a product? Nucl3o is a key manufacturer in the conversion process. Our premium bulk ingredients, CBD distillate and CBD isolate, are commonly used in consumer products. 

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How is CBD Made?

The first step in the conversion process is extracting the cannabinoids from the hemp plant. There are multiple methods to achieve this. The most popular methods are using carbon dioxide (CO2) or solvent to separate the cannabinoids from the plant. Once the extraction takes place, the mixture is then refined through filtration, winterization, and decarboxylation. The output product is known widely as winterized decarb crude oil (WDC). 

The crude oil can be further refined through distillation, which is one process Nucl3o specializes in. Winterized decarbed crude oil is brought into our facility and undergoes rigorous testing before refining through our distillation unit. Within the unit, the cannabinoids are separated using temperature. The temperatures vary based on the cannabinoids being targeted. Distillation is a closed-loop process and produces distillate.

The refinement process can stop here as many manufacturers use distillate in consumer goods and products. However, it is possible to refine and target a specific cannabinoid further through the process of isolation.

During the isolation process, distillate is combined with a solvent at a predetermined ratio and pumped into a closed mixing vessel. Using temperature variations, the targeted cannabinoid is separated and transformed into a slushy mixture. The slushy mixture is filtered and dried to reveal a powder form of the targeted cannabinoid known as an isolate.

Isolate is the number one selling bulk ingredient Nucl3o produces. We have specific testing requirements for this product including, but not limited to, potency, residual solvent analysis, fat content, and color. We pride ourselves on producing a top-quality product verified by third-party testing laboratories.

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