As the hemp-derived CBD marketplace grows and matures, CBD manufacturers are undertaking the challenging and important job of keeping track of their manufacturing processes and inventory. Nucl3o is at the forefront of the Hemp industry with our GMP-compliant accounting and inventory systems. These systems track raw materials from farm to finished products – Nucl3o’s exceptional CBD distillate and isolate.

Properly tracking materials from raw materials as they are transformed into finished products during manufacturing is the heart of Nucl3o’s GMP-compliant inventory system. The ability to track down the origin of each product is a crucial part of maintaining product safety and reliability. CBD manufacturing and tracing raw materials presents unique challenges such as ensuring products meet strict quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.

At Nucl3o, incoming materials are evaluated for potency and quality before processing. It is important that we know and trust the farms and manufacturers who supply us with our raw materials such as crude oil. When received, these raw materials are entered into our inventory system and identified by lot number. Labels with detailed information about the materials accompany every container every step of the way.

As materials are processed, Nucl3o’s highly-trained technicians use these systems to record every manufacturing activity in detail. This makes it possible to trace each sale of our distillate and isolate back to its original lot. Being able to identify both the origin and the final destination of each item is especially valuable in the case of a product recall. Another great reason that Nucl3o is the best source for the high-quality CBD distillate and isolate you need!

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