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Founded to provide the CBD industry with high quality hemp based CBD extracts

Nucl3o’s mission is to provide focused customer service along with an effective, reliable, high-quality hemp-derived CBD product.  As a company, we are on the path to GMP certification and continual alignment with the latest in FDA compliance. We are determined to be a sustainable organization that remains available to our customers as well as provides a dynamic work environment for our employees. We want to serve the core of the industry – that is Nucl3o.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer free shipping. However, we partner with many transportation providers and receive discounted shipping rates that we can pass along to our customers.

We recommend customers buy in bulk for many reasons. Bulk purchases tend to have cheaper product prices and shipping on a per kilo basis. Bulk purchases also tend to come from the same lot of material, so results within your manufacturing process can be more consistent versus results from multiple lots and/or suppliers. Talk with us about your expected quantities required and we can discuss a fulfillment plan to meet your needs.

There is no minimum order quantity. We can fulfill orders from 1 kg to 1,000+ kg on any of our products. Please note there may be a lead time for large orders. We can discuss fulfillment timelines at the time of order.

Yes, we test our products at Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs in California. As an ISO Certified laboratory, they are experts in hemp and cannabis analytical testing.


What our Clients Say

“Nucl3o is a great bunch of people to work with. We couldn’t have had a more
pleasant and informative experience.”

– Casey M.